Frank Keller

Frank is Treasurer of the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society.

Frank's interest in railroading began at the age of 15 when when he bought the November 1978 issue of Trains magazine in a Downey, California hobby shop. Frank admits that he was completely hooked and soon began spending his spare time hanging around the local railroad tracks waiting for trains.

Frank's interest in the Rio Grande "developed" from a photography class at Cerritos College where he met another person who liked trains. Frank's new friend, today a lifelong friend, had a deep rooted interest in the Rio Grande and it rubbed off.

When Frank and his friend planned their first railfan trip outside of California, the Rio Grande was was a natural target and they decided to travel to Denver to ride the Rio Grande Zephyr in March, 1983. This turned out to be fortunate since roughly two weeks later, the Thistle mudslide all but ended the the RGZ. Frank subsequently made dozens of trips to Rio Grande country to photograph the railroad. Luckily, Frank learned his lessons well in that photography class and he has become a prolific and talented photographer of the Rio Grande as well as other railroads. In 1994 his employer transferred him to Colorado Springs and he was able to pursue his passion for the Rio Grande more conveniently.

Frank owns Primary Residential Mortgage Corporation in Colorado Springs. He and his wife Kris have been married 15 years and have two daughters, Hannah 6, and Ashley 10. While neither his wife nor his daughters share his enthusiasm for the Rio Grande, they are very tolerant of his interests.


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