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The magazine depends upon its readers for the majority of the photos and words we publish. We can't promise acceptance, of course, for even the best of photos or text may duplicate material already on file or assigned, or may exceed our space limitations. But we do look at each print and color slide submitted, and we do read, as time permits, every story. When sending material provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope of suitable size for its return in the event we cannot use it.

If you have an idea for an article, run it by us and let us know what materials you have to tell the story. We can then see if someone else has any of the missing pieces so that a complete article can be pulled together. That is how we can all help make this work.

Guidelines for specific types of material:

Payment - The Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society does not pay for articles or photographs that appear in The Prospector at this time.


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