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If you have an idea for an article, run it by us and let us know what materials you have to tell the story. We can then see if someone else has any of the missing pieces so that a complete article can be pulled together. That is how we can all help make this work.
  • A series of stories possibly titled "Last From the Past". It would be about the last trips of the Royal Gorge, RGZ and the D&RGW Silverton of which I rode on. I would have numerous pictures to include in each article, and I think I could leave out a long history of each unless you think I should include it.
  • Railfanning the D&RGW, mid-80's, in the Royal Gorge. I would also have many pics to include with this one as well.
  • I have a friend who is reworking a IHC Mountain into a D&RGW unit. He's a great writer and I think I can talk him into doing an article on this project. He's already turned a Bachmann 2-8-0 into the 1194 for me, as well as an IHC mountain.
  • Brief history of the DRGW line development and the D&SL line development.
  • Describe the location of Bond
    • Historic photographs of its construction (I have a set from CRRM which is truly unique in my opinion)
    • Map of Bond in 1934 and maybe today or 1950
    • Photos of Steam engines at Bond this could be a multiple part article or concept for any other location:
    • describe the location and its reason for being
    • describe individual buildings and how to build them, maybe a plan.
    • describe traffic and rolling stock at that location
  • Brief history of the D&SL timeline and when the three brick stations in Hayden, Steamboat and Craig were constructed Document with photographs (historic and current)
    • Draw comparisons between the stations and define common elements
    • Drawing of one station (my personal preference would be the Craig building)
    • Detail photographs (I have a full set of slides for Steamboat)
    • Part II actually building the Craig station building in HO
  • Describe the modeling efforts required to get a reasonable scale replica of DRGW 3129 and 3130, the replacement GP40-2's.
    • Concept: Brief prototype writeup(using already published material as a source)
    • Find a few good prototype photographs (don't have those at this point)
    • Describe differences between GP40's and GP50's
    • Athearn base GP40-2 model: Descibe work with photos in progress
    • Athearn base GP50 model: describe work with photos in progress
  • Rio Grande GS gons, including photographs, diagrams, rosters, modeling
  • NG 4000-series boxcars, including photographs, diagrams, rosters, modeling
  • NG 3000-series boxcars, including photographs, diagrams, rosters, modeling
  • Rio Grande Motor Way trucks, trailers, operations, modeling
  • Unit coal trains on the Rio Grande
  • Belt Line operations
  • Standard gauge cars for narrow gauge modelers- what you might see in Alamosa, Salida, or Montrose
  • Traffic mix on the Rio Grande by railroad and car type
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