Help Needed

  • Current News Reporters
  • Events Coordinator
  • Salt Lake City / Utah event Coordinator: The Event Coordinator will be the main contact of the Society with those parties in charge of railroad & history related events. The Event Coordinator will organize the Society's presence at these organizations (or suggest it to those organizers unfamiliar with the Society. This job is very crucial in the Salt Lake City region as we need to get more exposure there.
  • Business Manager: The Business Manager will work directly with the trustees and the tasks may include invoice preparation, project financial analysis, tracking of costs, and preparing various reports. The Business Manager will also aid in the maintenance of the membership database, including sending renewal notices and responding to membership inquiries. They will work closely with any contracted entities that may include printers, accountants and tax preparation.
If you want to help in any of these areas, send e-mail to: Bob Webber

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